Gearboxes for injection moulding machines

As the confirmation of the great flexibility of its products, with this new SERIES MNP3, Zambello supplies gearboxesboth in standard and special versions, designed according to the customers’ specific requirements.

Specifically designed for the drive of plasticising screws for injection moulding machines,
the gearboxes of the MNP3 series are suitable for transmitting high torques, accepting also very high input speedsat
very low noise levels and total performances over 95%.
The great axes distance between the drive (electric motor) and the output (threaded mounting and cylinder), which consists of 3 gear pairs,avoids any problems of interferencewith the various machine units.

The extreme precision during grinding and checking of the gears (according to the class AGMA 2015 – DIN 4)
allows to match these gearboxesto very powerful electric motorsat
high revolutions (also over 3000 rpm) offering low dimensions and weights.
For this reason, the Zambello gearbox for injection moulding machines is of very compact construction and great efficacy in performance.