The strong specialization, wide range of products, huge investments of the property and continuous improvements aimed at obtaining a reliable, competitive and very high quality product are some of the reasons that have led the major world manufacturers of extrusion lines to be partners of Zambello Group. Through them, Zambello single screw and twin screw gearboxes are used in the most varied applications of the plastics industry, and not only. These applications are used both in traditional fields (automotive, construction, agriculture, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, etc.) with extrusion lines blow film, cast film, blow moulding, pipe and profile, sheet, thermoforming, compounding, masterbatch, recycling and in order to support the most recent productions in the fields of feed and biofuel and chemical and petrochemical industries.

The importance of a high quality and reliability of a primary component such as the Zambello gearbox contributes to enhance the products of our Partners for the maximum satisfaction even of their most demanding clients.

Today the most important multinationals active in the most varied fields of extrusion prefer, or even advise, the choice of Zambello gearboxes, both single screw and twin screw. It is demonstrated by the presence of over 50,000 Zambello gearboxes worldwide, both in small businesses and in the largest industrial productions.