The constant investments in research and development, the high technical level of the manufacturing machinery, the accurate selection of raw materials and of all other components used, the care for every aspect of the entire industrial processand especially the great experience of our different teams enable the company to offer the its customers innovative products and services of absolute quality.

Zambello group covers the following types of products:
gearboxes for single-screw extruders,
gearboxes for co-rotating twin-screw extruders,
gearboxes for counter-rotating parallel twin-screw extruders,
gearboxes for counter-rotating conical twin-screw extruders,
gearboxes for injection moulding machines and
special gearboxes, always with helical gears,
for applications in the extrusion and mixing field.

Aiming to continuous improvement in the quality of performance, new models and new sizes are constantly added to the various gearbox ranges.