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    Zevio Zambello founded the company under the Zambello name in a small courtyard in Castellanza, in the Varese province, with the purpose to manufacture gearboxes and speed variators. Born in 1929 at Lusia (Rovigo) in a farming family of Polesine, Zevio, already in his childhood showed a great interest in mechanics that led him to attend the well-known technical high school of Enzo Bari at Badia Polesine, which he completed with the highest marks.
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    Manufacturing of the first important site of the company, always in Castellanza, via Vittorio Veneto 65. In this new factory Zevio Zambello designed and started the real production of gearboxes and speed variators according to a catalogue having design features which up to that moment did not exist on the market.
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    While in Europe and in the rest of the world the maximum speed range was only 1:6, Zambello invented the speed variators covering a speed range of 1:10. For the company that was the beginning of an extraordinary success.
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    Zambello invented the first reduction gearbox suitable for universal mounting. Up to the present this design is the mostly used and copied version all over the world.
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    The second factory of bigger dimensions was inaugurated in Lendinara. The new company called Zambello s.a.s. di Zevio Zambello & C was constituted at this site.
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    Based on the experience of over several decades in this field, the first Zambello catalogue of gearboxes for extruder drives was published. This was the turning point for the company: Zambello is the first company in Italy that has developed, designed and manufactured highly efficient helical gearboxes with specific features for extrusion machinery of plastic materials.
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    The manufacturing of gearboxes of the RB series for twin-screw extruders, both co-rotating and counter-rotating, is started.
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    Zambello extends and improves its manufacturing range of gearboxes for single-screw extruders by introducing the RPU series, which allows universal mounting of incomparable performance.
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    The range of gearboxes for twin-screw extruders further evaluates by improving the performances with the new HT (High Torque) series.
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    The opening of the new factory in Magnago (headquarter).
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    First extension of the Lendinara site.
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    The new ZPE range of gearboxes for single-screw extruders (evolution of the RPU gearbox) offering extraordinary performances is born. The very high quality and the excellent reliability of these new gearboxes led Zambello to the worldwide leadership in this field. In the same year also the production of gearboxes for injection presses in the electric version (also hybrid version) is started. The first catalogue for this range under the name MHP3 is published.
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    The gearboxes for co-rotating twin-screw gearboxes are built according to a new design having compact square shapes. The new series called ZT is launched.
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    Second extension of the Lendinara site.
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    By the innovative TST (Twin Super Torque) series in two different versions, i.e. co-rotating and counter-rotating, Zambello reaches the top level of the technology, also for the drive of twin-screw extruders.
  • 2008

    Third extension of the Lendinara site.
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    The range of gearboxes for counter-rotating twin-screw extruders is completed by starting manufacture of gearboxes for conical twin-screw extrudersunder the brand-name ZC3. Also this product is the best to be found on the world market.
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    The serial manufacturing of the TST Twin Super Torque gearbox, also in the counter-rotating version, is started in virtue of the improvement of the project already carried out in the past.
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    Completion of the extension project for 2,000 sqm of the Magnago factory.
  • 2016

    Forth extension of the Lendinara site.
  • 2019

    Start of further extension works for 12,000 sqm of the Lendinara site.