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Founded in 1957 by Zevio Zambello, the Zambello Group – and has been involved from the beginning with designing and manufacturing of reduction gearboxes dedicated to the extrusion field, in which the company is world leader.

Zambello group constantly invests in the research and development of new gearboxes dedicated to the extrusion field, an important task in order to strengthen tho position of leadership at world level.

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Some products of Zambello Group

Gearboxes single-screw extruders Zambello


Gearboxes ZPE3 The series of this range are absolutely complete and go from the smallest gearbox, of size 90 up to gearboxes of size 630



ZT2, ZT3 series - TST series - The dimensions of the gearboxes of the TST series currently have dimensions variable that go from center distancesof 20 mm to 120 mm

Gearboxes for injection moulding machines Zambello


Specifically designed for the drive of plasticising screws for injection moulding machines, the gearboxes of the MNP3 series are suitable for transmitting high torques

Gearboxes for special applications Zambello


Special gearboxes used for extruding and mixingin the different application fields complete the range of Zambello items. These gearboxes are essentially designed according to customers’ specific requirements.


All the components of the gearboxes are manufactured in the factories of the group. For this reason, Zambello is in the position to ensure to the customers a highly qualified assistance, both in terms of precision and readiness and punctuality. The new automatic warehouse has tens of thousands of components that are always ready for use and can be shipped anywhere in the world.
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Gearboxes ZPE2 | Extrusion gearbox

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Excellence in extruder gearboxes

Since 1957, the best at world level gearboxes entirely manufactured in Italy dedicated to extrusion fields High technology and incomparable experience for products and services of absolute quality. The constant investments in research and development, the high technical level of the manufacturing machinery, the accurate selection of raw materials and of all other components used, the care for every aspect of the entire industrial processand especially the great experience of our different teams enable the company to offer the its customers innovative products and services of absolute quality.

Zambello single screw gearboxes are used in the most varied applications of the plastics industry, and not only. These applications are used both in traditional fields (automotive, construction, agriculture, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, etc.) with extrusion lines blow film, cast film, blow moulding, pipe and profile, sheet, thermoforming, compounding, masterbatch, recycling and in order to support the most recent productions in the fields of feed and biofuel and chemical and petrochemical industries.

Aiming to continuous improvement in the quality of performance, new models and new sizes are constantly added to the various gearbox ranges.

Managing Director Alessandro Zambello


Zambello designing -

For both the most important customized items and the standard products, Zambello has a team of widely experienced engineers that keeps in mind the customers’ needs


Zambello gearboxes applications -

The strong specialization, wide range of products, huge investments of the property and continuous improvements aimed at obtaining a reliable, competitive and very high quality product are some of the reasons that have led the major world manufacturers of extrusion lines to be partners of Zambello Group.


Zambello services -

All the components of the gearboxes are manufactured in the factories of the group. For this reason, Zambello is in the position to ensure to the customers a highly qualified assistance, both in terms of precision and readiness and punctuality


Zambello consulting -

The aim for innovation and technical development in all steps of the manufacturing process has been accompanied over the years by the importance of training of all employees, especially of those who are in direct contact with the customers.

Are you looking for Gearboxes ZPE3?

Due to the company’s policy based on constant development, Zambello increases and improves continuously its industrial processes with new customized machinery dedicated to both productive and components control, improving not only the productive capacity but also the overall product quality. The continuous growth of Zambello group in the production of gearboxes for extruders allows the company to achieve a unique specialization in the field, with continuous improvements from all points of view: technology, performances, quality, reliability, service.